Vocollect VoiceConsole is a web-based application for comprehensive, yet intuitive, management of devices, operators, configuration, and system diagnostics.

Today's complex operating environment demands cutting-edge management tools that are cost-effective, intuitive, and flexible in order to adapt to changing business needs.

Vocollect VoiceConsole dramatically reduces the time it takes to manage your voice-enabled workforce by providing comprehensive device management, operator management, configuration management, and system diagnostics, all through a simple browser-based view – making it easy for you to give your team members what they need, when they need it.

Vocollect VoiceConsole is a web-based application built to support a variety of operating systems, databases, and internet browsers, ensuring an easy fit in any IT environment.

Vocollect VoiceConsole's device-management and operator-management functionalities allow you to view which users are currently using your voice-enabled devices and the tasks running on each device, as well as giving you the ability to create and train new user profiles.

Critical notifications can be triggered through various configurable parameters, and the homepage dashboard displays high-level information about each of your sites, operators, devices, and other peripherals.

Learn more by downloading the Vocollect VoiceConsole Datasheet.