Vocollect VoiceInterface Objects (VIO) is another option for WMS providers looking to seamlessly integrate Vocollect voice into their application. This enterprise connector option enables the WMS provider to drive the necessary workflow logic centrally, while relying on Vocollect VoiceCatalyst to provide the highest quality dialog processing, voice recognition and text-to-Speech (TTS) engine vital for a robust voice-enabled solution.

Vocollect VoiceInterface Objects provides a flexible set of voice instructions that comprise a flexible voice-enabled scripting language, with the capabilities to design sophisticated client-side behavior. Using a number of industry standard API integration methods including shared-libraries supporting Microsoft .Net, Java and C++ development environments. Use the development environment that you and your development organization are most comfortable and already having technical skills.

Benefits of Vocollect VoiceInterface Objects 

  • Allows partners to use their existing development environment and resources to develop Vocollect voice applications.
  • Gives partners full control of their Vocollect voice application.
  • Enables partners to focus on the application logic.
  • Ensures a quality voice implementation, leveraging our extensive voice expertise to create encapsulated tested, reusable, best practice workflow components.