Sony of Canada

Established in 1955 and headquartered in Metropolitan Toronto, Sony of Canada, Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sony’s portfolio includes electronics, music, movies, games, and online businesses. 

Every day Sony factories around the world ship approximately 1500 products to Sony of Canada, which in turn processes 18,000 orders per month. In addition to outbound receiving and outbound shipping, the Sony of Canada Supply Chain Group is responsible for inventory and demand planning, sales order management, transportation operations, and logistics operations.
Of its 1,000 employee base, approximately 50 employees work in the two distribution centers (DCs) in Whitby, Ontario (Metro Toronto) and Coquitlam (Vancouver), British Columbia.  These DCs house approximately 2200 SKUs and operate five days a week, with two daily shifts at Whitby and three at Coquitlam.
The Challenge - Too Many Steps, Too Much Margin for Error
Sony of Canada’s rapidly changing business model of increasing online orders and more and smaller orders, coupled with growth, quickly exposed the weaknesses in the paper-based and RF systems used for distribution. Paper was cumbersome and it provided no locator system to help employees find products quickly and easily. While RF scanning was quicker and faster than paper, picking with RF consisted of too many steps and too many errors. People still had to input into the handheld unit, view the screen, put down and pick up the device, and the system was often slow to respond. 
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