Vocollect VoiceArtisan is our Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software platform. Vocollect VoiceArtisan enables customers and partners to expand the capabilities of their Vocollect voice solution using Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques.

Vocollect VoiceArtisan is an open, flexible, and extensible modern IDE that enables certified partners and trained customer IT teams to design, code, deploy, and maintain customer-defined solutions to address unique business requirements beyond existing out-of-the-box software functionality.

Vocollect VoiceArtisan Features

See the "Integrated Development Diagram" below for an illustration of how these features are incorporated into Vocollect VoiceArtisan:

1. Fully functional portfolio of best-practice-based workflows and tasks, such as: Selection, Inventory, Put-Away, Replenishment, Receiving, Loading, Cross-Dock, and Transfers. 

2. Source-code library of reusable objects and dialogs.

3.  Fully integrated testing, debugging, and source-code control environment.

4.Agile development framework to support customer-configuration management.

5. Multi-protocol interfacing to WMS / ERP and voice hardware: Devices, Data Sources, Communications (TCP/IP, Web Services, HTTP).

6. Open Standards Development Environment – Eclipse/Python.

7. Graphical scripting and text-scripting options.

Learn more by downloading the Vocollect VoiceArtisan Brochure.