When you decide to invest in a voice system for your company, we understand that you’re putting your reputation on the line. Whether you are using the Vocollect services team or one of our authorized partners, you put your mind at ease with our proven delivery capabilities you can trust.  Our deep industry and supply chain expertise, paired with a proven, systematic approach to implementing and supporting a voice-based system, will ensure you’re able to maintain service levels while quickly achieving payback.

As your voice solution moves through its life cycle – from definition through deployment to operation – you’ll benefit from Vocollect’s years of experience with thousands of customers projects that have made Vocollect the number one choice in the world for voice.

Whether you’re looking for a single location implementation or a major enterprise rollout, our team will get to know your business, understand your operational requirements and provide the right services to you that will surpass your expectations.

Vocollect’s Professional Services organization offers a wide range of business and technology expertise in the supply chain industry.  Our 25 plus years delivering voice solutions in warehouses and distribution centers throughout the world has positioned our team of consultants as clear leaders in optimization.  Speed, accuracy, and the ability to measure both are driving forces behind Vocollect’s solutions.  The result is maximum value and return on investment for our customers.

Vocollect’s Professional Services team provides a host of services throughout the customer lifecycle.  For customers working directly with Vocollect, we work closely with sales organization, engaging in activities to define the strengths and weakness of the distribution center, opportunities for improvement, and the impact a voice solution will have on the customer’s operation.  For customers who are working with a Vocollect partner, we can assist the partner in any or all of these areas.

When our customers choose voice as a solution we the professional services team defines your requirements, designs the appropriate solution, develops and delivers the solution using our proven methodology.  Finally, we provide on-going consulting services to ensure continued benefits of a voice solution with services such as annual site audits, check digit rotation services, and process audits to name a few. 

Clients buy from professionals who help them make informed and intelligent buying decisions. When it comes to selling Vocollect Voice, we believe the more you know, the more you will sell.

Vocollect Training supports our partners' efforts to sell and implement our products, through Vocollect's specialized, role-specific training courses to ensure that you have the insight, knowledge, and skills to maximize every opportunity to increase your overall revenue generating potential.

The return on investment in Vocollect Training is easy to calculate. By completing targeted training modules, you achieve a significant competitive advantage by:

  • Becoming a consultative professional—making you a resource your clients will turn to
  • Ensuring more consistency on a global basis—highly desirable to your large multinational clients
  • Increasing your product and market expertise—resulting in reduced implementation and project delivery cycles, as well as reducing risks to your clients
  • Enhancing your credibility—by attaining certification from the global leader in voice-directed technology, you will be viewed as an expert in the field
  • Embodying the channel partner commitment to delivering value and performance—positioning yourself as a voice provider, thereby driving opportunities deeper and wider in your clients’ organizations
  • Vocollect Partner Program Training Modules increase your revenue potential by providing insight, knowledge, and skills

Vocollect Voice Training Modules offer:

  • Up-to-date content—improving your sales, delivery, and support expertise
  • Knowledge transfer beyond the classroom—translating into practical application in the field
  • The best investment you can make is the investment in yourself as a Vocollect Voice Certified Professional

 The Vocollect solution of Talkman or Vocollect Voice on Handheld (VVH) terminals, VoiceClient and VoiceConsole software is a highly integrated and interdependent system supporting your business operations.  As a business, you count on Vocollect voice to perform with a consistently high level of performance and uptime.  Vocollect offers Software and Hardware support plans to help you maximize the reliability and uptime of you voice solutions.

The Vocollect Software Support Plan (SSP) offers a comprehensive service that helps keep these business critical applications available, with our latest software features, and performing optimally. 

Vocollect SSP provides three key elements:

  • SSP enables access to a Technical Support team that can answer questions and help you resolve your issues quickly saving your IT resources valuable time.
  • SSP includes access to Vocollect’s latest software updates.  Maintaining currency with software versions ensures the ongoing value of your systems and allows them to take advantage of the latest improvements in voice technology including more accurate voice recognition, simplified user interfaces, and third party interoperability improvements.
  • SSP includes a significant financial benefit via reduced software license transfer fees when it comes time to upgrade to the latest generation of voice terminals

Vocollect Hardware Support Plans are available in several different coverage options levels depending on which version works best for a customer’s business model

  • Standard Repair – Defective product is sent to a Vocollect certified repair center, repaired, and shipped back to customer.
  • Depot Express – Vocollect issue a Returns Material Authorization (RMA), and provide an Advance Replacement of a failed unit from a common pool of spares.  Customer returns the failed unit to Vocollect.
  • Premier - Vocollect issue a Returns Material Authorization (RMA), and provides an Advance Replacement of a failed unit from a customer’s designated pool of spares.  Customer returns the failed unit to Vocollect.