Ewing Irrigation Products

Vocollect VoiceExpress Expands Voice Functionality for Ewing Irrigation Products

Ewing Irrigation Products provides landscape, irrigation and golf course professionals with the supplies they need to create healthy, sustainable environments. Founded in 1922 as an irrigation distributor, today Ewing’s “outdoor lifestyle” products include

water management solutions, agronomic supplies, landscape lighting, water features,hardscape (paved areas with little soil), and erosion control.

The main Phoenix, Arizona area-based Ewing distribution center (DC) serves branch store operations in 200 convenient locations across the country. The company ships 1,800-2,000 cartons a day on average, operating one shift five d ays per week.

Unlike many industries where products are packed and shipped in uniform-sized boxes, the Ewing product line comprises everything from wheelbarrows and 50-pound bags of fertilizer to 20-foot-long sections of PVC pipe and small drip emitters – making the order fulfillment process a complex proposition. Couple that with the issue that if an order arrives late or is incorrect, it isn’t just an inconvenience to branches, themselves; the contractors — Ewing’s key customers — will lose money, because they still have to pay their people.

Find out how more about Ewing and their Vocollect solution by reading the case study.

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