Brady Corporation

Brady is a leading supplier of workplace safety identification solutions that improve safety, security and performance for tens of thousands of customers throughout Australia, with a product range totalling more than 40,000 SKUs. The company is part of the Brady Corporation which is headquartered in Milwaukee, U.S.A. and serves more than 500,000 customers worldwide in electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, electrical, construction, education, medical and a variety of other industries.

Following years of local business expansion in Australia, Brady relocated to a new larger national distribution centre (DC) at Greystanes in Sydney’s western suburbs in 2012. The move to the new DC was made to allow for future business expansion and to ensure that a newer, more advanced voice enabled technology framework was in place to deliver greater business efficiencies.

With customers demanding quicker, more accurate deliveries and a wider economic environment that is looking to rationalise costs, savvy businesses with large DC facilities are looking to advance voice enabled innovations to create a more efficient warehouse environment that extends to the actual delivery supply chain. In an industry where time is money, this translates to the need for slicker, faster and more accurate service supply coming out of the DC.

Learn how Key partners in the relocation, Dematic Real Time Logistics and SAP specialist Icon Integration helped Brady not only relocate, but deploy a Vocollect Voice picking solution through seamlessly integrating Vocollect VoiceDirect ERP for SAP with their existing system.

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